Welcome to my teaching portfolio. I am currently in my third year of teaching, with an aim to graduate mid-2020.

I want to become a teacher because teaching is my favourite thing to do! This website marks the beginning of what I hope will be a lifelong career in education.


The Folio menu item links to a page that contains links to a selection of posts that demonstrate the Australian Professional Standards for (Graduate) Teachers required to pass my second placement unit, Professional Experience 2.

Alternatively, the Teacher Standards menu item provides a comprehensive list of all of the posts on this site, sorted by both Standards and focus areas.


Hi, I’m Kai.

My personal teaching philosophy is that creating a good rapport with your students is the key to achieving success in the classroom. It’s my number one goal when I do any sort of teaching, and everything that I do stems from this philosophy.

My teaching methods are Information Technology and Mathematics. Additionally, I hold a Diploma in Music (Classical), so I am qualified to teach Music as well. Information Technology and Music are my two lifelong passions (my passion for teaching is a more recent discovery!) Mathematics is also a subject I thoroughly enjoy. I love Science too, but you have to draw the line somewhere…

Within Information Technology, my specialty is programming. I am particularly interested in game development. My proudest programming achievement is a game that I created for a first-year project at uni, a video of which you can see here.

Within Music, my specialty is composition. I listen to a wide variety of music, but film and video game soundtracks are my favourite genres to listen to. I can also play the piano, and during school, I played the pipe organ at chapel services.

I can’t claim to have a specialty in Mathematics, but I find calculus and linear algebra (specifically matrices) highly enjoyable.

Outside of the classroom, I have a strong interest in cricket. For this reason, I hold both coaching and umpiring qualifications from Cricket Australia.


If you would like to get in contact with me, please send an email to kai.renshaw@kairenshaw.com.