This page contains links to posts that demonstrate the following Australian Professional Standards for (Graduate) Teachers:

1.1 Physical, social and intellectual development and characteristics of students
Alternative assessment

1.2 Understand how students learn
Aurecon Bridge Building Competition

1.3 Students with diverse linguistic, cultural, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds
Feast of the Assumption

2.1 Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area
3.3 Use teaching strategies
3.4 Select and use resources
3.5 Use effective classroom communication
4.2 Manage classroom activities
4.5 Use ICT safely, responsibly and ethically
Apple and the Future of Education

2.2 Content selection and organisation
2.3 Curriculum, assessment and reporting
2.5 Literacy and numeracy strategies
2.6 Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
3.1 Establish challenging learning goals
3.2 Plan, structure and sequence learning programs
4.3 Manage challenging behaviour

4.4 Maintain student safety
7.1 Meet professional ethics and responsibilities
7.2 Comply with legislative, administrative and organisational requirements
Linking theory and practice

5.1 Assess student learning
5.2 Provide feedback to students on their learning
5.4 Interpret student data
5.5 Report on student achievement
Year 9 Geometry Test

6.1 Identify and plan professional learning needs

6.3 Engage with colleagues and improve practice
Year 10 Pre-Methods

7.3 Engage with the parents/carers
Parent-teacher interviews


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